Jobs & Economic Opportunity

“We need to build upon the successes of Silicon Valley by creating an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship as well as continuing to grow our manufacturing base. We must also ensure at the same time that we do not further create a tale of two cities in San Jose by ensuring that everyone who works in our city has decent wages and safe, clean places in which they work.”

Ash's Record

During his years on the City Council, Ash has been tireless in his efforts to bring jobs to San Jose. Getting San Jose through the greatest recession it had ever seen was not easy. One of Ash’s priorities during the crisis was to ensure that the city was helping struggling businesses and not making things worse.

As the economy picked up, Ash supported efforts to ensure the city moves at the speed of business. With the Edenvale Technology Park as an integral part of District 2, Ash has been a partner with businesses to ensure they excel in San Jose. Ash has served on the city’s Community & Economic Development Committee during his entire time on the City Council and has gained a reputation of a hands-on leader who will go the extra mile to help businesses find their way to San Jose.

While on the City Council Ash has been a leader in:

  • Supporting bridge loans to struggling companies to help them get through the recession. These loans were paid back within 5 years and the jobs that were assured in exchange added thousands of jobs in total to our local economy
  • Supporting incentives for companies to locate to San Jose, in particular manufacturing jobs that have seen growth during the past couple of years in his Council District
  • Supporting the clean energy manufacturing equipment tax credit to encourage emerging technology companies to locate and grow in San Jose
  • Creating productive relationships with our business community by personally visiting with over 100 local CEO’s and COO’s in the Edenvale Technology Park and other job creating regions of the city to see how the their local governement can better serve them
  • Expanding the Foreign Trade Zone to encompass all of San Jose, saving manufacturing businesses millions of dollars in reduced customs fees and greater speed of delivery of their component products
  • Supporting the tenant improvement program and parking assistance program to attract companies to San Jose’s downtown
  • Supported the expedited permitting program for medium-to-large employers, dramatically reducing the time in which businesses were able to open their doors
  • Focusing a great deal of attention on small businesses and recognizing that most people are actually employed by small businesses
  • Creating greater access to new opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses
  • Assisting small businesses through the sometimes cumbersome city permitting process
  • Supporting the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, a non-profit designed to assist small businesses by connecting them with Silicon Valley professionals
  • Securing a small business liaison in the planning department to help small businesses navigate the planning process with the goal of giving them the same speed of business service larger employers have enjoyed
  • Ensuring small businesses get a fair deal by supporting the reparations given to businesses along Alum Rock Avenue due to the VTA construction delays
  • Sustaining current parking meter rates in Japantown, a business district exclusively made up of small businesses who were finding it already challenging to compete with businesses more centrally located to the downtown core
  • Leading the way to launch the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, as Chair of the Valley Transportation Authority, increasing outreach and education to women- and minority-owned businesses to have access to opportunities to secure bids
  • Bringing the same program with target goals to the city in order for businesses traditionally left out of government contracts to have access to compete for the bids
  • Advocating to protect workers and responsible business owners against wage theft by leading the Council in the creating of a Wage Theft Ordinance

Ash's Vision

  • Increasing incentives for clean energy jobs. In order for California to compete in a global market and to create the jobs of the future for our students, we must act boldly
  • Continuing the manufacturing tax credits for clean energy, nanotechnology and emerging technology manufacturing base in California, particularly for export
  • Leading the way to ensure our workforce earns a fair wage by increasing the minimum wage, as has been done now by the state, to $15 an hour in order to put more money in the pockets of working families, thereby improving the local economy as these families have money that will be cycled back into local businesses
  • Supporting gender pay equity for women in the workforce
  • Improving our paid family leave statutes by creating reasonable family leave legislation for new parents or for medical emergencies
  • Creating a small business assistance program to help struggling small businesses withstand challenges caused by increased regulation or government imposed wage and benefit increases
  • Connecting established business professionals with small businesses to help provide their expertise, similar to Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, statewide
  • Expanding upon the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program to state contracting opportunities
  • Supporting a single-payer healthcare program to reduce the continued increased cost burden on businesses
  • Creating a local Chamber assistance program to have the State formally partner with local Chambers of Commerce who assist hiring the unemployed and underemployed
  • Supporting incentives for veterans training and hiring to ensure all veterans can find stable employment upon leaving the service
  • Supporting a foster children and teen homeless jobs program to assist the most vulnerable youth to find employment